What Joe Wicks Knows

Here’s why I think Joe Wicks The Body Coach has a best selling book on Amazon. In a few short years he has built a devoted community of Lean in 15 minute-ers!

What’s his secret? And what does he do that may inspire your business to communicate more effectively?

Can you think of anyone else’s success that is because of exceptional communication? Nominate a personality or share a story and I’ll illustrate the best ideas.

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Is this a good question?



I was on the phone the other day with a sales promotion agency. He called me Richard, which I liked. Then, each time I asked a question he replied by saying this:

“That’s a really good question Richard.”

After my third ‘good’ question in quick succession, I couldn’t help revealing my delight that it was the first time this week I’d asked three good questions in a single conversation.

The honest truth?

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How Your Business Can – and Must – Command Real Influence in 2015




One of the big strategic marketing challenges for any business in 2015 is arresting the general trend of diminishing influence.


You still share great content, and carefully-targeted news updates – the same way you always have. But, even with supporting statistical evidence, you worry if anyone is really listening! And influence is important as it helps you harness the power of know, like and trust in your favour.


You’re right to worry. Here are the five reasons why your influence is diminishing, and what you can do about it.

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