50 Proven PR Tactics to Generate Media Coverage for Your Business

50 Proven Public Relations Tactics to Generate Media Coverage for Your Business

To celebrate our first 10 years as The Buzz Factory, we’ve compiled selection of our favourite work; biggest successes; and super-shrewd PR tactics.

We hope it inspires you to focus on stories that your customers would genuinely miss if you didn’t share them!

So enjoy some Buzz Factory PR brain fuel to help ignite your very-own slice of media super-stardom.

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Tom Daley and Amazon Prime Air: Two ways you can manipulate the media.

Amazon Drone public relations Two big stories this week give us an interesting insight into how organisations manipulate the media for their own ends.

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How 6 essential elements of brilliant conversations can empower your public relations

IFLARE - the power of conversation in public relations

Conversations aren’t new. We all know how to make them. And increasingly they represent the new face of engagement in PR.  But I wanted to take it a stage further.

I wanted to find out what transforms ordinary conversations into a truly memorable experiences for all involved. What makes them enthral, endure and influence?

I’m talking about conversations so brilliant and memorable that they are shared and discussed. And you don’t need me to tell you how powerful this insight might be in helping raise business profile, credibility and awareness.

The news is pretty good.

There are only 6 things conversations need to be brilliant and to endure. And there is a massive opportunity because very few businesses use them all, if any, to grow a community of people who care about what they say and do.

I call it IFLARE.

It’s a trick I’ve been trialling with clients for 18 months now. And the results at every level have been empowering to say the least. Everything from coming up with creative ideas to strategy and tactics has been positively influenced by focusing on these 6 discreet areas of communication.

Here I reveal what they are.

I’ll show you how they fit in with brilliant in personal conversations. And how they can inspire brilliant memorable engagement strategies – whatever media channel you choose.

Ready? Let’s go.

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Bad news for preachers. But an amazing opportunity for the rest of us.

Ever had that dreadful experience at a party or a networking event when you get stuck next to the guy who drones on and on about himself? You know: “I’ve done this, then I did that, everyone loved me.”

How much did you enjoy the conversation? Not much right?

Even now, this preaching-style approach remains at the heart of many PR practitioners’ strategies. Frequently they preach – in their defence – because some clients still expect it! They drone on and on about so-called achievements. And give little or no thought about if it will interest or add any value to the daily lives of anyone … let alone their customers.

It’s because they want people to know. And they expect some divine right to hold people’s interest.

So what’s the bad news? And what’s the opportunity?

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