Press Injunction PR Strategy

6 facts that emotionally-immature celebrities ignore about press injunctions

So, do you know who it is yet? Do you care?

Let’s take a closer look at how the ‘celebrity threesome injunction’ story has maintained our attention (not necessarily interest) for so long. And the common sense lessons we can learn.

Here’s a summary of what only the most emotionally-immature egocentric rich people can’t see.

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Joe Wicks Featured

What Joe Wicks Knows

Here’s why I think Joe Wicks The Body Coach has a best selling book on Amazon. In a few short years he has built a devoted community of Lean in 15 minute-ers!

What’s his secret? And what does he do that may inspire your business to communicate more effectively?

Can you think of anyone else’s success that is because of exceptional communication? Nominate a personality or share a story and I’ll illustrate the best ideas.

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Is this a good question?



I was on the phone the other day with a sales promotion agency. He called me Richard, which I liked. Then, each time I asked a question he replied by saying this:

“That’s a really good question Richard.”

After my third ‘good’ question in quick succession, I couldn’t help revealing my delight that it was the first time this week I’d asked three good questions in a single conversation.

The honest truth?

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