5 ways a Welsh red telephone box calendar shows us bad news can be good.

Did you see the news about the phone box calendar this week? It’s a bad calendar that has failed to sell – and the story has been everywhere. My mantra for evaluating news goes like this: ‘Biggest, best, first or most.’

But this week I have added another word to  my newsworthiness check list: ‘worst’. The world’s ‘worst’ calendar? But why on earth would anyone reveal their worst business decisions?

I watched the interview with phone box calendar publisher Kevin Beresford on ITV Daybreak this morning. He’s been in most of the national newspapers too.

Here’s the story if you missed it.

So how and why did Kevin do it? Why did he reveal all during his lowest ebb? Surely we should be boasting about profits and jobs created?

Here’s 5 things we can all learn from Kevin and his tedious calendar about publicity:

  1. Kevin knows that he cannot compete with the marketing might of international calendar publishers. So he doesn’t even bother to try. But he is determined to make his mark by making a simple promise to himself: To never be dull.
  2. OK, let’s just clarify that. Because these are really dull calendars! But, and here’s the thing, they are SO DULL THEY ARE DIFFERENT. Everything about this business decision to print phone boxes, roundabouts, graveyards in calendars – whatever he prints – screams out DULL. But they also scream out different, eccentric, mad, disaster – all irresistible to a British media who are chomping at the bit to devour entrepreneurial cock ups. Kevin’s tactic is to make sure he is completely different.
  3. And as we all pointed, snorting Weetabix and and laughing, at ITV Daybreak on the telly this morning as Aled and Lorraine grilled Kevin the hapless publisher, the hapless publisher was having the last laugh. He was laughing because he was sitting pretty on the back of hundreds of thousands of pounds-worth of national publicity he generated by coming clean about an apparently horrendous business decision.
  4. Through it all he never veered from his authentic mission to calendrically (made that word up) celebrate these rare red Welsh phone boxes. Kevin even drew up criteria each phone had to satisfy to make it into the calendar!
  5. And as we laughed at him, our second thought was that: we all know at least one person who we’d like buy a really bad calendar for this Christmas. And who wouldn’t want to buy from an honest entrepreneur who doesn’t take himself too seriously but is down on his luck just before Christmas? Despite honest endeavour – he backed … a turkey.

Oh, he does round-a-bouts too.


And I’ve just checked. They’re all in stock!

Great stuff. Well done Kevin.

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