50 Proven PR Tactics to Generate Media Coverage for Your Business

50 Proven Public Relations Tactics to Generate Media Coverage for Your Business

To celebrate our first 10 years as The Buzz Factory, we’ve compiled selection of our favourite work; biggest successes; and super-shrewd PR tactics.

We hope it inspires you to focus on stories that your customers would genuinely miss if you didn’t share them!

So enjoy some Buzz Factory PR brain fuel to help ignite your very-own slice of media super-stardom.

The document is designed to demonstrate how PR tactics can deliver real results. Every single one of these ideas has delivered coverage -often in multiple media channels. Each page shows …

  • the coverage,
  • offers a narrative explaining how the news came about – and
  • we’ve included an action point for you to consider how well each tactic applies to your own business.

Not every tactic will be appropriate for you. But we hope it provides inspiration to deliver your own personal slice of the millions of pounds-worth of coverage theses ideas have generated for Buzz Factory clients..

And whichever tactic you choose remember that it must always be news.

The document is embedded below. There’s a handy full-screen view option on the bottom right should you need it.

Here goes…Link here: http://www.slideshare.net/RichardGlynn1/50-proven-pr-tactics-to-generate-media-coverage-for-your-business

Here’s the list in text form:

  1. Recruit new staff.
  2. Reveal customer buying trends.
  3. Court controversy.
  4. Conquer a fear.
  5. Celebrate a milestone.
  6. Announce an award.
  7. ‘Celebrate’ an award.
  8. Reveal expansion plans.
  9. Warn of a missed opportunity.
  10. Make an offer.
  11. Run a competition.
  12. Host a Launch Party.
  13. Submit a new website for review.
  14. Offer products for review.
  15. Take on a challenge.
  16. Reveal a key appointment.
  17. Launch a campaign.
  18. Help a local community group.
  19. Take part in a regular feature.
  20. Reveal a near-death experience.
  21. Seek out brilliant local stories.
  22. Strike a deal.
  23. Introduce a new twist to an old story.
  24. Save Energy.
  25. Raise Money for Charity.
  26. Reveal a new product.
  27. Invite a celebrity to support the community.
  28. Celebrate a birthday.
  29. Celebrate a local event.
  30. Sponsor a local athlete.
  31. Sponsor a sporting event.
  32. Offer a free sample.
  33. Celebrate a customer’s story.
  34. Do something unbelievable.
  35. Create a feature idea.
  36. Tie in to a current news story.
  37. Reveal seasonal buying options.
  38. Share your passion.
  39. Challenge a stereotype.
  40. Stand for something.
  41. Follow up on negative publicity.
  42. Host an amnesty.
  43. Enhance a service.
  44. Announce a rallying cry.
  45. Reveal a takeover
  46. Reveal an unusual hobby
  47. Ban something.
  48. Support a national charity event.
  49. Host your own charity event.
  50. Reveal a unique marketing initiative.

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