Richard Glynn


PR Detox is an intuitive 6-step process that makes it easier for brands and businesses to build influence in the conversation economy.

Whilst the conversation economy touches our lives on a regular basis, many brands and businesses are shackled by the marketing legacy of the previous industrial and information eras.

PR Detox reveals new clarity , context and creativity in communications strategy. A breath of fresh air of anyone bewildered by our new world of abundant information. Or still clinging on to tired old marketing tactics at the expense of brilliant new conversations.

Over 20 years as a PR guy I have advised national retailers, government departments, small businesses and more.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m securing million pounds-worth of media coverage with just one news release or negotiating the placement of a tenpin bowling lane in the Blue Peter studio on national BBC TV  I still love unearthing the stories about my clients that get people talking.

These are exciting times to be a communicator, and I am proud to say my clients – be it through mentoring, training or delivery, are consistently ahead of the PR game in their sector.

Drop me an email at or tweet me @richardglynn. I promise you an invigorating experience. It just might be the start of something special!

This is my PR agency: