Richard Glynn



PR guy transforming tedious droners into enthralling thrivers – one client at a time.

Over 20 years as a PR guy I have advised national retailers, government departments, small businesses and more.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m

  • securing million pounds-worth of media coverage with just one news release or
  • negotiating the placement of a tenpin bowling lane in the Blue Peter studio on national BBC TV

… I still love unearthing the stories about my clients that get people talking.

These are exciting times to be a communicator, and I am proud to say my clients – be it through mentoring, training or delivery, are consistently ahead of the PR game in their sector.

Mid-Life crisis cyclist. PNE. Creative on purpose!

Drop me an email at or tweet me @richardglynn. I promise you an invigorating experience. It just might be the start of something special!

This is my PR agency: