How to Achieve National News Coverage on a Budget

You can achieve national coverage on a budget

Good news. It’s not necessarily budget that will secure national coverage. Just a really good story. If you have one, or you and your PR advisor can conjure one up, then that’s part of the battle.

PR power and success is strongly linked to credibility and building up relationships over time too. So the more you do (and in this case spend) can increase your chances of national coverage.

Manage Expectations

If you restricted your budget to, say, one release you may well get national coverage. But you may not. No matter how compelling the story is. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. A PR advisor or agency should have a few tricks up their sleeve to increase the chances of coverage.

Is National Media Coverage the Holy Grail?

There is some good news. People often obsess about national coverage as the holy grail. And massive circulation media can make a difference. But in an increasingly fragmented media landscape, there might be smaller circulation magazines or online media and blogs that are read by people more likely to buy from you. Don’t dismiss them out of hand.

PR might not even be the smartest way to convert new customers! Most ethical PR people will be honest with you if this is the case.

Choosing PR Support

Draw up a shortlist of your favourite PR consultants. Offer each one a detailed brief (although the good PR guys will help to tease the key info from you) including what you want to achieve, budget, competitors, target audience. Most will give you a few creative responses, news angles, details of recent successes and a cost guide.

Pay on Results?

Some may offer you a pay-on-results service. It would never be my cup of tea but this might suit you. But make sure you cap it otherwise it can get out of hand. I have written press releases that generate one million pounds worth of coverage. And you wouldn’t want to be paying for that on results!!

Ultimately, you’ll probably need to go with your gut instinct. And enjoy the journey! Always remember, the PR process should be fun.

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