Anthony Joshua Shows us How to Pack a Punch with PR

A brutal boxing title fight isn’t normally where you’d expect to discover advice to give your communications extra punch.

Here are some knock out observations from new World Heavyweight Boxing champion Anthony Joshua. He proves. when it comes to  personal brand building, his gloves are off!

After years of over-hyped boxing matches; sneering hate-filled press conferences and chair-throwing strops – Anthony Joshua showed us a different way.

Before now, it felt as though the handbags between opponents was an obligatary ‘best practice’ in the pre-match build up.

“He disrespected me and he’s going to pay.”
“I hate him. Always have, always will..”

This weekend however, Anthony Joshua showed us a smarter way to endure.

If we leave the the devastating demolition job he did on Klitschko aside for a moment; he demonstrated humility and respect with every engagement And that included all his pre and post-fight PR face offs with his opponent.

How many viewers were left nodding and saying: “That Joshua seems like a really nice bloke.”

No hate.

No chairs thrown

No disrespect.

Compare him for a moment with Tyson Fury. Already taking the more traditional goading approach to publicity.

But who will endure?

Time will tell.
So what do we learn?

Joshua showed us that the boxing industry, after years of mindlessly following best practice quick win ticket sales in stage-managed pre-fight handbags – the way to do something truly memorable is …

  • to be authentic, and
  • be unique.

(Although, in this case, it helps of you can fight a bit too.)

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