Are You Building a Business? Or Building a Version?

Waterstones and Top Gear are struggling with it.

Is it holding you back too?

Is your business just another ‘version’?

  • You may have seen Waterstones muscling in on the independent book shop sector? Although they didn’t initially reveal that they owned the new stores. And their version of a ‘community book shop’ has prompted suspicion.
  • On TV, Top Gear has re-launched copying the formulaic format they lost to Amazon. Their version of the old Top Gear then lost 2 million viewers too.

It all boils down to trust and differentiation.

Best practice is to blame. Best practice builds versions.

And there are two big problems with this…

  1. Customers will find it difficult to trust a business that pretends to be something it isn’t (like Waterstones)
  2. Customers will find it difficult to differentiate a businesses that simply follows somebody else’s formula (like Top Gear).

The trick is to discover, live and share your original authentic business purpose.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?


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