Ban These Three Phrases From Your Marketing

There’s a deficit of ambition when it comes to marketing. We just go with what always worked.

Here are a few simple tweaks to help you stand out and earn influence in the conversation economy. You start by banning these three phrases …

1. ‘Target Audience’

There’s a really naive picture marketers like to paint. It’s a picture of a virtual theatre packed with demographically-similar buyers all patiently waiting for you or your business to deliver a message.


Instead, why not start with a little humility?

Start from the idea that there is no virtual theatre. No-one cares about anything you have to say.

Acknowledge that people aren’t waiting patiently and attentively for your words of wisdom.

Realise that most of the people are just like you – and already involved with conversations that interest them.

So, instead of seeking audiences, seek out those conversations.

Use digital searches – start with social media and google trends for insights and inspiration – and seek the conversations that matter most.

Listen first .. before you speak.

2. ‘Deliver message’

Have you been to one of those dinner parties where another guest holds court? He/she will dominate proceedings delivering successive anecdotes. They have little or no interest in anyone else’s contribution.

Is your marketing like that?

Are you desperate attention? (Like using ‘Ban’ in a blog post title! ;)) Or are you earning it?


Instead of ‘delivering messages’ to ‘target audiences’, why not contribute value and interest to the conversations that matter most.

3. ‘Engagement Process’

When you make a car engine on a  production line – that’s a process. When you fill in a tax form – that’s a process. When you follow a recipe – that’s a process.


Humans don’t use process criteria to evaluate engagement. To us, engagement is how it makes us feel.

That recipe? We evaluate the recipe by how the food tastes.

Does it make us feel Satisfied? Sad? Happy? Angry? Amazed?

We couldn’t care less about efficiency … speed … numbers .. quantity … size.

If you want to stand out and earn influence focus, instead, on how each engagement makes people feel.






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