Why was my last blog post a success?

I’ve been blogging for a while with medium-level success. Last week things got much better for me. This is why.



I wrote a post about Black Friday. Here’s the story of how it came about, and how you can replicate the key elements to increase your chances of similar success. First off here’s what I acheived …


Results highlights.


  • The post I published on this blog generated three times more views than my previous most-successful post.
  • I shared a version of the post on LinkedIn Pulse generating over 900 views in 48 hours.
  • The post was quoted and acknowledged in The Daily Telegraph Live Black Friday feed.
  • A version of the post was shared as the opinion piece on Black Friday in PR Week.
  • Having been posted late on Friday, the article remained the lead post on the PR Week website all weekend generating thousands more views.


So why did this happen? How come this content flew whilst my other, often superior content (perhaps, like this one?!!) didn’t. Here’s the story.


I went with my gut


The weirdest thing about the Black Friday Post was that it honestly wasn’t planned. I was watching the the bizarre live TV coverage on Friday morning. And I couldn’t help thinking how I would’ve felt if I’d been the PR guy who’d set it up. I would’ve been crushed. It was the perfect reason to write – and I had an hour to spare.


I said what I thought


Sounds easy doesn’t it? I couldn’t help feeling it was unjust that the coverage had backfired on the Asda PR team when, after apparently good work, circumstances beyond their control had merely conspired against them. There was no edge, bias, agenda, commercial reason to what I was writing. I believed and cared about it. I think this comes through.


Timing was everything


For what it’s worth, I’ve made a promise to myself to add value and interest to brilliant PR conversations. It’s a simple strategy, but not one I expected to pay such significant dividends so quickly.


I could’ve written a post about, say, how to write a press release, or how to speak to journalists. But on Friday, most people at some stage were talking about, or aware of, Black Friday. I wanted to add value to that current real-time conversation.


If I’d have considered my standpoint, perhaps mulled over a couple of key points, re-drafted before publishing on, say, Wednesday I would’ve wasted my chance. The world would’ve moved on.


And better still, the best conversations are spontaneous; they always happen when you communicate in the moment.


Multiple channels.


I shared my post on Twitter and LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Pulse post surpassed expectations: almost 1000 views. But, it’s obvious when you think about it.  A website with several million users might bring is going to beat my humble (yet insightful!) PR blog every day of the week. I did a basic level of SEO, mostly thanks to Yoast WordPress plug in.


Incidentally, I shared my blog post as an update on LinkedIn too, but this generated a mere fraction of the views the Pulse post achieved.


Acknowledging the inspiration


I thanked Richard Gaisford for inspiring my post. Richard was the ITV correspondent asking the awkward questions from the Asda guy. He shared my post. Handily enough he has over 11,000 followers.

 Then Neil shared, and he has over 25,000 followers!

So, you can see how things quickly add up!




I chose just three key media precisely-targeted contacts to share my blog post with. No blast outs here. It was a short email where I simply offered to contribute to any Black Friday discussions they may or may not have in mind. At PR Week, I even sent it to John who kindly forwarded it to Ian and when he called, I edited the post within the hour.


Ta da ..


Screenshot 2014-11-28 at 18.30.47


That’s it.


So, to recap ..


  • Intend to influence. Mindset is everything.
  • Seek conversations and listen to what is happening. And what is happening right now.
  • Add value and interest to brilliant conversations.
  • Share your content and acknowledge and appreciate those who share it for you.


Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.

And let me know if you have enjoyed similar success with real time opinion sharing.



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