Brands should be spring boards not straight jackets.

A lot falls at the door of brand managers. Everyone jealously observes you flouncing around ‘being creative’ luxuriating in your seven-figure budgets – whilst they get on with the proper work?

They want to know exactly what value you are adding to the business. But how can you be held accountable if people within the organisation run roughshod over your brand guidelines?

The old rules no longer apply. The internet has completely and utterly revolutionised the way we communicate at every level! To gain serious business-building traction the smartest brands will empower staff and customers, not monitor and restrict them. And that means losing control, not tightening it.

To succeed, your brand should be a spring board not a straight jacket. It should inspire with remarkable, fascinating stories of passion and irresistible human interest.

PR has always lived in a world where, for all our key-message strategising, the real publicity power kicks in when we ultimately lose control.

We maximise the benefits of others discussing and sharing our stories, because we know the benefits – always have and always will – completely outweigh that uncertain scary feeling of losing control over how, when and if they do it.


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