How 6 essential elements of brilliant conversations can empower your public relations

IFLARE - the power of conversation in public relations


Conversations aren’t new. We all know how to make them. And increasingly they represent the new face of engagement in PR.  But I wanted to take it a stage further.

I wanted to find out what transforms ordinary conversations into a truly memorable experiences for all involved. What makes them enthral, endure and influence?

I’m talking about conversations so brilliant and memorable that they are shared and discussed. And you don’t need me to tell you how powerful this insight might be in helping raise business profile, credibility and awareness.

The news is pretty good.

There are only 6 things conversations need to be brilliant and to endure. And there is a massive opportunity because very few businesses use them all, if any, to grow a community of people who care about what they say and do.

I call it IFLARE.

It’s a trick I’ve been trialling with clients for 18 months now. And the results at every level have been empowering to say the least. Everything from coming up with creative ideas to strategy and tactics has been positively influenced by focusing on these 6 discreet areas of communication.

Here I reveal what they are.

I’ll show you how they fit in with brilliant in personal conversations. And how they can inspire brilliant memorable engagement strategies – whatever media channel you choose.

Ready? Let’s go.

We can all remember at least a couple of brilliant conversations we’ve had. Perhaps keep them in mind as you skim through the following.

Have I got it right? Is this really what makes brilliant conversations?


Arguably the most important single element any brilliant memorable conversation needs is for both parties to want to be part of the conversation. And that means preparing to listen as much reveal fascinating anecdotes. It means – and here’s the change – forgetting initially about messages you want to obsessively deliver.

Business Opportunities:

  • Is your business truly committed to having two-way conversations with customers old and new?
  • Are you ready to seek out the conversations and not randomly blast content in the hope you snare extra numbers?
  • Does your business understand how good consumers are at ignoring the selling messages that are bombarding them?
  • Are you even ready to have conversations?
  • Or, are you too inflexible to change? (Hope not)


A brilliant memorable conversation needs someone else (at least one other; less is strange!) to speak to. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? And that person ideally needs to share a common interest. You need to focus on that person (or defined group of people) and that shared interest to have a brilliant conversation.

Business Opportunities

  • Who are your customers?
  • What defines them?
  • Where are your customers offline and online?
  • How can you find them?
  • What are your shared interests?


A brilliant memorable conversation needs both parties to spend an appropriate period of attention listening to what the other person has to say. How can you respond personally if you don’t? If I get talked over in a conversation – it’s not going to be a great experience for me. Conversely, if you don’t listen expect to be ignored.

Business Opportunities

  • What are your customers interested in?
  • Will you ever know if you don’t listen?
  • Where are your customers’ conversations happening?
  • Do you know?
  • What are their issues? What are their interests and concerns?
  • What are they talking about?

(N.B. We’re already half way through – and we haven’t said a word yet!)


A brilliant memorable conversation requires at least one party – hopefully both – to add tremendous value in the context of the conversation. The information needs to be timely, relevant, personalised and amazing. Add enough value and you’ll earn permission to share your own stories. Give to receive.

Business Opportunities

  • How much of the content your business adds value to your conversations?
  • Or do you just sell?
  • Do you add value or do you preach?


If you’ve followed the previous four steps, you have now hopefully earned enough permission to start sharing information of your own. Share it too soon and you become a preacher. That’s bad.

A brilliant memorable conversation needs at least one WOW moment. That means sharing information that astounds people. Biggest, best, first, most? A revelation? A genuinely fascinating moment? But whatever it is … we are talking about superlatives here; an irresistible nugget that is the highlight of the conversation.

And, be ready for this moment to be spontaneous and unplanned. Most are.

Business Opportunities

  • Did you already add enough value to earn permission to be remarkable?
  • When your chance comes do you have amazing content that will WOW your customers?
  • What will you say?
  • Or will you blow it by trying to obsessively sell?
  • Do you know how many selling messages your customers will tolerate before they switch off?
  • Do you know what makes for remarkable information in your customers’ eyes?


A brilliant memorable conversation is discussed in other conversations. It’s that “Hey, I was speaking to Richard the other day and you’ll never guess what he told me!” moment.

Business Opportunities

  • How do you share the remarkable information of others (customers and businesses)?
  • How much of your social media activity is spent preaching? And how much sharing and personally commenting?
  • How easy is it for other people to share your remarkable fascinating information?
  • Do you publish and share it in formats that make it easy for people to share?

So, to recap, does your business communicate with IFLARE?

I – Intent
F – Focus
L – Listen
A – Add Value
R – be Remarkable
E – Escalate

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