How Your Business Can – and Must – Command Real Influence in 2015




One of the big strategic marketing challenges for any business in 2015 is arresting the general trend of diminishing influence.


You still share great content, and carefully-targeted news updates – the same way you always have. But, even with supporting statistical evidence, you worry if anyone is really listening! And influence is important as it helps you harness the power of know, like and trust in your favour.


You’re right to worry. Here are the five reasons why your influence is diminishing, and what you can do about it.


  1. Failure to Evolve


The media landscape has changed. It is nothing like it was 20 years ago. That’s why 20 year-old tactics – simply churning out press releases for example – aren’t as effective as they used to be. Conversations, on the other hand, are constant and a basic human imperative.


Opportunity: Start focusing on the conversations that matter most to your customers. And use them to inspire news and digital content – including visual content – that adds authentic value and interest.


  1. An Obsession with Tactics Before Strategy.


I see hundreds of businesses signing up to social media channels before being struck by ‘what-happens-next?’ paralysis. They tentatively publish a few self promotional and ‘what’s everyone doing this weekend? #lol’ tweets before giving it up as a bad job.


Opportunity: Understand the why before you commit to the what. In the case of social media, use search, hashtags and lists to monitor conversations you can authentically add value to.


  1. Fragmented Media


20 years ago almost everyone saw your quarter page news article in a local paper. Now? Only a fraction will read it.


Opportunity: Understand how your customers consume information in various different ways. Online? Mobile? Video? Podcasts? Apps? Online Forums? Ask them! Monitor keywords across all media related to your business. Initially choose the 2-3 media channels with the best fit with your business. Even choose the ones you enjoy being part of. Add value to the conversations that matter most to them and share your stories and insight.


  1. Your Bottom Line Results Obsession


Whenever marketing fails to deliver a return the more pressure builds to deliver in the future. But our customers can sniff out desperation at 20 paces. Our broad brush bottom-line obsession; quick fix Black Fridays and other loss leaders sabotage our ability to have genuine authentic conversations with customers that build trust and influence.


Opportunity: Hold your nerve. Get the balance right between selling and contributing. Seek personalised conversations that build awareness and trust amongst communities of advocates. They’ll show your business passion in the very best light and make it irresistible for them to buy from you.


  1. Short Attention Spans


Reading this far puts you in the minority of consumers that don’t frantically click their way across the information highway at increasingly rapid pace. We tune out content that simply adds to the overwhelming volume of noise in favour of content that improves our lives personally; and/or entertains or interests us.


Opportunity:  Ask how much would customers miss your PR output or content if you didn’t produce it? Understand their issues and how your insights and comments can help. Share stories and content they’d miss.

Thanks for reading, Happy New Year and here’s hoping 2015 brings you all the influence you deserve.

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