Should Black Friday #PRFail Mean The End of Retail Promotional Gimmicks?


I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the Asda PR team meeting debrief today.

How they must’ve congratulated each other when they successfully negotiated a Good Morning Britain live feed from one of their stores on the biggest retail day of the year. They no doubt visualised hundreds happy smiling customers sharing their delight with the nation’s viewers whilst securing incredible bargains and praising Asda for their astonishing generosity

The Reality?

We now know things turned out to be quite different. Here are the #PRFail highlights witnessed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. And a sprinkling of opportunities for smart communicators.

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Will you choose process or passion to build your business legacy?

Gareth Ainsworth retired after 600 games this weekend.

In a split second your business legacy can be cast. Today I’m going to take a look at two professional footballers’ contrasting approaches to the game they play for a living. And perhaps we can learn a little about what, and how, we all communicate impacts on the way our professional lives are perceived?

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Not a Chance Lance. What can we learn from Armstrong’s PR Battle?

Lance Armstrong on Oprah

Want to know why Lance Armstrong’s skilfully-orchestrated interview on Oprah has left everyone underwhelmed?

It’s because when you watch his confession you can’t help feeling part of a PR process.

A process where you, as the viewer, are merely a pawn with the power to help influence reputation in Lance’s favour.

Armstrong appears guarded and calculating. But perhaps the hours spent rehearsing legally-appropriate answers would have been better spent with Lance resolving to tell it how it was. And show us some honest regret and feeling for the sport he’s damaged and the competitors he cheated against.

His description of his career being one big lie is almost as though it all happened to him; not because of him!

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What is it with Ampersands?

I really don’t get ampersands.

I’ve just typed one here: &.

It took two key presses: SHIFT and ‘7’

Now, if I type the word ‘and’ I need to type a, n, and d. That’s three key presses. Or, if you prefer, an additional one key press to convey the same sentiment.

So, what does this say about an ampersand user?

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Why the change from broadcast to dialogue changes everything about marketing

Online networking and social media has really put a spanner in the works.

In the good old days, everyone would quietly interrupt everyone else with important selling messages. And then not so quietly. Adverts got bigger. And it seemed the louder our press releases and messages shouted, the more we interrupted, the more people heard us. So everyone did it. More. And sold more. Great!

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Brands should be spring boards not straight jackets.

A lot falls at the door of brand managers. Everyone jealously observes you flouncing around ‘being creative’ luxuriating in your seven-figure budgets – whilst they get on with the proper work?

They want to know exactly what value you are adding to the business. But how can you be held accountable if people within the organisation run roughshod over your brand guidelines?

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