How Your Business Can – and Must – Command Real Influence in 2015




One of the big strategic marketing challenges for any business in 2015 is arresting the general trend of diminishing influence.


You still share great content, and carefully-targeted news updates – the same way you always have. But, even with supporting statistical evidence, you worry if anyone is really listening! And influence is important as it helps you harness the power of know, like and trust in your favour.


You’re right to worry. Here are the five reasons why your influence is diminishing, and what you can do about it.


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Will you choose process or passion to build your business legacy?

Gareth Ainsworth retired after 600 games this weekend.

In a split second your business legacy can be cast. Today I’m going to take a look at two professional footballers’ contrasting approaches to the game they play for a living. And perhaps we can learn a little about what, and how, we all communicate impacts on the way our professional lives are perceived?

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Brands should be spring boards not straight jackets.

A lot falls at the door of brand managers. Everyone jealously observes you flouncing around ‘being creative’ luxuriating in your seven-figure budgets – whilst they get on with the proper work?

They want to know exactly what value you are adding to the business. But how can you be held accountable if people within the organisation run roughshod over your brand guidelines?

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Publicity Favours the Brave! Six Tips to Help You Conquer Your Media Fear


Have you ever been scared by the prospect of a media interview?

You realise it’s a wonderful publicity opportunity when a newspaper, TV or a radio station calls you and asks for your opinions. But, there’s always this nagging uncertainty and unfamiliarity that stops you in your tracks?

Publicity Favours the brave. This is my advice to help you seek out and relish each and every interview opportunity that comes your way.

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