How to Pick the Best PR Consultant for Your Business

Are you wondering how to choose the best PR Support for your business? Here are some quick-pick pointers…

Niche Coverage

What kind of media do you want to achieve coverage in? If you only require niche coverage then PR people who used to be journalists in that sector might be worth giving extra attention to. Some journalists in your sector might actually be moonlighting as PR advisors too. (Although highly unethical! ;))

Integrated Support?

If you require a more rounded and inclusive PR solution, then choose a more broadly-skilled PR consultancy. Agencies will charge you more, so freelance could be a good way to test the water. This option is particularly important if integrated support including content, social media, events etc. is important to you. Or if you need joined up thinking.

Brief by Name. Brief by Nature.

When you share your brief, don’t be too prescriptive or detailed. For example; don’t tell the people on your shortlist “I need press release”. Instead, ask them informally how they think they can get the word out for you. And leave it at that. Keep your brief as open as you can. They are the experts after all!

Listen to the Questions

You’ll learn a lot about any prospective PR advisor by the kind of questions they ask you in return. How will they tease out more information about your challenge? Are their questions naive? Do they quickly grasp the issues? Are they in sync with your own approach and hopes? Did they perhaps prompt you on something you hadn’t considered? Are they creative?

N.B. And if the first question is ‘what’s your budget’ you’ll get a good indication of what their priority is!

Your Light Bulb Moment

Your light bulb moment should be when you feel like the consultant is answering your questions as though your business was their business – not simply giving you some sort of feeble off-the-peg service (Because it’s what they always do).


Always take a look at their recent work. Use it to get a better understanding of – and feel for – their approach.

(Or, if you are really serious about working with the best you could just give me a call. ;))



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