I’m Releasing a Christmas Album

All your favourites. Jingle Bells. We Wish you a Merry Christmas. Etc.

I’m not of course.

But how surprised would you be if I did? Everyone else is!

I’m sure there was a time, in the distant past, when a celebrity releasing a Christmas album was vaguely interesting.

And those early pioneers were kind enough to develop a communications blueprint for other celebrities to follow.

It goes like this:

Step one: Celebrity singing in own home. A friend in another room asks: “What’s that CD your playing?” Celebrity says: “CD? That wasn’t a CD! That was me singing!” Friend says: “Bloomin ‘eck. You should release an album.”

Step two: A chance meeting with someone in the record business at a party. Who says: “I was talking to <so and so> and he/she said you can sing a bit?” Celebrity: “Oh I just do it for myself really.” Business person: “You should come down to the studio and let’s see what happens.”

Before you know it they’ve recorded (They say: “laid down” in the industry 😉 ) 10 mind-numbingly inane Christmas songs (They say: “tracks”).

Step three (The big reveal): Celebrity does interview saying: “My music has always been in my life.” NB Always refer to music as ‘my music’. Like it’s a family member or something. And the album art should have snow, warm clothing and a fire crackling hearth.

Promo video should include a collection of friends or musicians who you pay to smile and laugh as though they actually like you in real life too.

Step four (added bonus): The painful disclosure. “My Music got me through a really hard time in my life. I probably wouldn’t be here today without my music. So I’m dedicating this album to everyone who stood by me.”

Those four inauthentic ever-repeated steps are the reason why you scream: “NOT ANOTHER BLOODY CHRISTMAS ALBUM!” at the TV.

So what does this mean for us mere unmusical mortals who might never record a Christmas album?

Here’s a joyful Christmas question for you to ponder on:

When you and/or your business communicates are you standing out or selling out?

  1. Are you standing out? Earning influence? Building trust? Or,
  2. Are you churning out industry standard tedious ‘best practice’ often-copied blueprints destined for nothing more than a bargain bin in a garage somewhere?

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