5 free ways Google can help you discover influential journalists and bloggers

So, where are they –  these journalists who are going to deliver thousands of pounds-worth of editorial coverage about your business?

PR agencies invest thousands of pounds in the latest contact directories to keep in touch.  But, for businesses that can’t justify that kind of spend, there are a few free tricks which can help too.

Google is a great place to start.

For businesses in the UK, http://www.mediauk.com and www.journalisted.com are the best places to start and revisit regularly. However Google has a portfolio of search services which can all be used to build up – and monitor – a targeted list of media contacts.

  1. Use the Google Blog search (http://www.google.co.uk/blogsearch) and search for competitors and sector key words to uncover bloggers currently writing about your sector.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of Google’s general search either. Search: ‘<insert your keyword> magazine’ or ‘<insert your keyword> news’ and see what you get.
  3. Set up a Google Bookmark list www.google.com/bookmarks When you find a useful online media outlet add it to your list. There are some great browser add ons that will do this for you in a matter of clicks.
  4. Use Google reader http://www.google.com/reader/view/ to monitor RSS feeds from the magazines/blogs you track down. Organise them by subject / competitor etc.
  5. If you prefer (or as well) set up Google news search alerts http://www.google.com/alerts for competitors and keywords. If the blog / magzines / news are writing about them they should be writing about you too!!

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