Don’t plan it! How to make sure your PR has the last laugh

With 2014 looming large are you planning your communications activity for 2014? Is it a detailed plan? Here’s something you might want to keep in mind.

I love a live comedy show.

Like you (no doubt) I’m amazed at the skill of top comedians when they stand in front of us and hold our attention. It’s a gift.

But each time I watch comedy things really come alive when the heckles come in. There’s something enthralling about watching a comedian at the top of his craft fending off comments from the audience. And when they get their reply right – it may not be the funniest moment of the show but – it will be the most memorable.

When you discuss the comedy after the event, it’s the ad libs that are consistently the most memorable part of the entertainment.

So here’s the golden nugget. Much of what we do in business is dictated to by rigorous plans,

Of course, PR benefits from plans too.

But with communication the real power is in the moment.

What we say, what we do, and how we respond tells potential customers more about how and why we operate than any carefully-crafted strategy or tactic like a shiny on-brand brochure or website. And savvy customers can sniff out a tactic at 20 paces.

Plan? Of course.

But leave room for – and encourage – those spontaneous moments.

… The moments without plans where you seek out and offer sparkling insight and information. And share them in the conversations that are most important to your customers.

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