How does your business engage with the elephant in the room?



No, it’s not that ropey joke about trunk calls! I’m going to show you why buyers who aren’t ready to buy might still have an important role as advocates. And I’ll offer an alternative perspective too.

Many businesses brush aside non-respondents (97% in the illustration) like unavoidable collateral damage in the whole marketing process. But recipients don’t need to respond to form an opinion about your business.

Non-respondents perceive businesses less favourably with each automated campaign; with each ‘can we do a survey’ phone call; and with each ‘you have won a £10,000 cruise if you reply immediately’ mailing.

It’s easy to understand why:

  1. Customers hate feeling part of a process.
  2. Customers are smart and increasingly suspicious – we can spot all the tricks with increasing ease.
  3. And we’re close to attrition point. (See this great article on Bacn)

It’s a by-product (or perhaps that should be ‘buy’ product?! Just my little joke) of our process-driven industrial age. But this is the information age. It’s different. It’s completely different.

And if you believe simply re-hashing the old marketing rules and applying them to new technologies is good enough for your customers – sorry, you’re wrong.

Other industries are already having to adjust their approach in response to a steady erosion of success rates in blast out communication.

And if your response rates are diminishing too, perhaps there’s a reason why?

Smarter people than me predicted this massive change many years ago.

An answer?

Instead of pursuing customers so obsessively, seek out their conversations.

That’s it! Sounds simple?

Treat your customers to authentic, rewarding communication experiences with your business by seeking out the conversations that resonate with them most. (It’s the same way successful retailers train their shop floor assistants to engage shoppers.)

  1. Listen to what is being said by customers and those most likely to buy.
  2. Add value to those conversations with insight and advice.
  3. When the time is right add remarkable content; content they will value and share with friends and colleagues.
  4. Then let the customers find you!

This is a massive shift in thinking.

It won’t happen overnight with any business. It’s a long-haul cultural change which requires a brave approach.

While the change happens, new and old can co-exist. It doesn’t need to be a flick switch solution.

But smart businesses are the ones that are evolving to embrace the new regime of authentic, remarkable, timely and truely-valuable communication.

So, which conversations will you seek out today?

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