Farage and UKIP. 3 PR Lessons for publicity-hungry businesses.


Ever wondered why Farage gets so much news coverage? It’s UKIP this and UKIP that at the moment. What lessons can we learn to transport our own organisations to publicity heaven?

Don’t Churn Out What Always Used to Work.

Nothing new. Same old same old. The world has changed. But the main political parties are still peddling the same old guff. Back biting and sound bite chasing, they churn out patronising photo calls and still no-one is any the wiser as to what they REALLY stand for. They all deliver pale versions of each other. (NB Pretty much like most businesses!)

Lesson: Prepare to fade into the background if all you do is deliver pale versions of competitors’ communication tactics. Innovate and seek out new ground. Lead don’t plagiarise. Offer something new.

Be Authentic

In swaggers ‘Faridge’, pontificating and drinking. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of the ‘how to get people to like you’ blue print the other parties all follow. All this spin doctoring and back stabbing muddies the waters and bores people rigid. The electorate know about all the baby-kissing, audience-in-the-round tricks. We’ve seen it over and over again. And it’s tedious.

When the main parties try to be authentic all they offer is staged opportunities to eat a Cornish Pasty: “Look at me! I’m just like you because I eat chips!”

Even if you don’t like Farage – at least he stands for something and isn’t afraid to say it without sound bites. Whatever it may be that he’s championing.

Lesson: Stand for something and say what you think. Have a mission that your customers understand and care about. Put passion and personality first. Be brave enough to let your audience draw their own conclusions.


Look Out For Influences Beyond Your Control

Labour gains were reported as ‘didn’t gain as much as expected’ .. whilst UKIP’s lower gains – if my maths are right? – were reported as ‘significant inroads’. Eh?

And OK. Miliband forgetting his Swindon leader’s name was a big cock up. And you wouldn’t describe him as the most charismatic political leader you’ve ever seen. But you get the feeling that if he forgot to tie his shoe laces it would be front page news. And if he developed a cure for cancer it might get a couple of lines on page 32.

Lesson: No matter what, the media will always seek out the best story, whether the story is on your best interest or not.

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