Hang on a minute! That’s not your house.

This is about never ending furniture sales and the stories that kill trust.

Have you ever been into a furniture shop while there’s a sale on? Of course you have. Everyone has.

There’s always a sale on!

It’s simple. Customers buy more stuff when there’s a sale on.

But even when we are told the sale must end on Sunday – we don’t believe it. We’ll just wait for the next sale.

So what’s a furniture shop to do?

How can they make us believe them?

My latest visits with my wife have revealed one answer. They tell stories.

One sofa sales assistant told me how his manager’s wife had just bought the sofa we were looking at.

Two minutes later, one of his colleagues revealed how his girlfriend had just put a deposit on another sofa that caught our eye.

Pattern developing?

In another store, a sales assistant revealed she had new just completed her dining area in exactly the same colour scheme that we were interested in. She told us three times in fact.

Then, she showed us a picture on her phone to prove it. But, the picture was a photograph of an image in a magazine or brochure.

It wasn’t her house – but she genuinely believed we’d think it was. (She no doubt had other rooms in other colour schemes to unveil whenever needed)

Stories are as old as the hills. It’s nothing new. We love stories. Stories enhance the customer experience – no doubt.

But what if customers are smart enough to smell a rat?

When sales people use stories as a cheesy tactic they run the gauntlet.

In their heads, they’re just telling customers what they want to hear. And if it ends in a sale, then it’s worth it.

But, even little white lies can jeopardise trust for a savvy customer.

And selling to someone who doesn’t trust you leaves you with a mountain to climb.

It leaves you with no alternative but to work even harder to make a deal …

You know, by holding a sale or something.

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