If you struggle to get your head around PR, this is for you.

Public relations is a phrase that literally defines itself: relations with your public.

More than ever it’s about having a conversation with your customers. A two-way engagement benefiting from listening, adding value and being interesting.

In your business, do any of these phrases sound familiar? Perhaps you or your colleagues say them?

  • I have no idea why we bother with public relations
  • Public relations is a waste of time.
  • I just don’t get public relations

Now read them again, but try swapping the phrase ‘public relations’ with ‘having conversations with our customers’

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. But both phrases mean exactly the same thing!

  • The big one (I hear from non-clients!) is:

Public relations isn’t accountable.

Again, swap it.

And ask yourself why smart businesses drill staff in the art of personal conversation with customers. In a retail environment, for example, staff are trained to ask open questions; to listen, add value, be interesting and so on.

Yet, the business as a whole may struggle to follow the same conversational principles, opting for skewing marketing budgets in favour of more-controllable telesales, direct mail, interruption techniques and one-way advertising messages.

Oh, and I lied.

PR isn’t just about having conversations with your customers. It’s about fundamentally scaling those conversations with customers. Personal and far reaching fascinating engagement on a massive scale.

So, did that help?

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