Tom Daley and Amazon Prime Air: Two ways you can manipulate the media.

Amazon Drone public relations Two big stories this week give us an interesting insight into how organisations manipulate the media for their own ends.

One example is probably true. But it may leave some feeling duped because it raises the profile of something else entirely. And the other is probably a big fat fib. But it’s such good fun, we don’t really mind. I’ll let you decide which is which.

1. Tom Daley and TV series Splash.

Tom Daley made a video about his sexuality this week. It enjoyed millions of views and widespread national news coverage. Aside from the why’s and wherefore’s of the subject matter Tom’s new show airs on ITV in the New Year!

I hope everyone finds happiness in their personal life. But after 8-9 months mostly out of the public eye since the last show, Tom’s back in the headlines. Some people may be wondering whether it is either a complete, or a happy, co-incidence that this round of publicity has come a few weeks before Splash is back on telly?

2. Amazon Prime Air

Simply fantastic. Impeccably-delivered PR. Are Amazon seriously saying the skies will see hundreds of drones whizzing overhead? Not likely. But I love the idea of it. And it may lead to a more workable technological solution. You never know! What it does deliver is a top notch video and a brilliant sharable story.

So what can we learn from these two examples?

We learn that there are lots of ways you can manipulate the media. Get your story right and you’ll get the coverage.

But it’s how your stories impact on your audience’s all-important perceptions that you need to keep an eye on.



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