Tracking down journalists? Here’s my top 10 FREE online UK PR resources

Free PR resources

Struggling to justify the thousands of pounds to purchase or maintain media databases and forward feature and programming information? Here’s our exclusive list to help you seek out all that lovely information for free!


1. British Newspapers and News Online
Comprehensive links page. Good first start for trade press, regional press. You might find the directory and reference links useful too.

2. Digital Spy
Digital Spy is unsurpassed for free programming information. Be the first to discover which shows are going into production. Why not research the production company and offer them some exclusive content?

It’s an advertising database of regional newspapers. The amount of demographic information and report making power is quite staggering. Find out which regional audiences will give you best reach right here. It won’t cost you a penny!

4. Media UK
This is the closest you get to the commercially available searchable database The Buzz Factory spends thousands on. You can search by any keyword – choose a region / county for geographically specific campaign – or search by sector if you need to get your message across to a trade. Each search offers links to the websites of each relevant radio, TV, newspaper and magazine title.

5. News Now
Great for inspiration. Search for competitor names and find out what is being published online in your key sector. Use the ideas you see to come up with a few ideas for your own business or organization. If a news angle has already proved successful – why not reinvent it for you own needs? Also consider Google News – the news alerts are free.

6. Newspaper Society Database
Same info as the JICREG database – but some may prefer the presentation.

7. Online Public Relations
Do not be fooled by the dour and boring graphical presentation of this website. Just get clicking and watch the world’s largest collection of genuinely useful PR documents appear before your very eyes. Literally thousands upon thousands of resources to inspire and inform. American but still very useful in the UK nonetheless. Great stuff.

8. Radio Stations
The radio equivalent of the JICREG database. Again, it’s a site that’s designed to help advertisers home in on commercial radio demographic information. Great for PR research too though.

9. The Paper Boy
We like this too, and it may throw up a few interesting search results. But media UK has the edge.

10. Journalisted

Last, but by no means least, Journalisted is a great way to track down journalists writing about your sector and customer interests. And don’t forget to stalk those competitors too!

Did I miss any out?

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