What is PR?

Puzzled by PR? Mystified by media? Help is at hand!

A helpful way to begin an appreciation for the potential of well-executed public relations activity is by making a comparison with its marketing stable mate: advertising.

We all understand how advertising works – right? You agree a price for space or airtime and see or hear your advertisement exactly when and how you want it to appear.

PR works differently!

With PR you give up some of the control over how, when or – sometimes even – if your information appears.

However, the good news – in fact it’s great news – is that the equivalent value of the coverage achieved by just one well-crafted news release, media competition, reader offer or feature can comfortably run into thousands of pounds.

Especially if, in the case of a news release, the same news is published by several different media titles, covered on radio or even on TV!

Consider this simple equation:

£350 advert = £350-worth of advertising space / airtime

£350 News Release = £0 – £1,000, £2,000, £3,000-worth of EDITORIAL space and – who knows – maybe more (A half page article appearing in just one 40,000 circulation regional paper is typically valued at more than £1500!)

Then there’s TV and radio, the web, social media etc.

Make Word of Mouth Work Even Harder for your Business

The power of editorial information to influence your customers can often be greater because the information is perceived to have an impartial editorial endorsement.

It’s no secret that – in the marketing bag of tricks – PR is the closest weapon we’ve got to word of mouth.

And word of mouth is widely acknowledged as the most powerful sales tool at your disposal.

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