Ignored? Invisible? Faceless? Anonymous? Will Wade’s Ways Reveal Why?

Millions of people regularly feel ignored and don’t know why.

This LinkedIn conversation is a fascinating moment of revelation.

But it’s probably lost on Wade – its creator. And lost on many of the thousands of people contributing to the debate.

So, will you spot it?

After months of messages and frustratingly indifferent reactions Wade was driven to post this on his on his LinkedIn page.

I am now saying goodbye to LinkedIn by the end of this week. I have applied for over 400 jobs, connected with numerous corporate leaders and recruiters, and it has all led to nothing. Most posts that I see are either pop psychology or self aggrandisement. I have no time for this medium anymore as it has become a tragic waste of time. I may be back some day, but that is not on my mind at this time.

I have a lot of sympathy for Wade’s observations. He’s not alone. Social media often feels like a bewildering sea of pointless garbage.

So how did people react to Wade’s toys-out-of-the-pram moment?

At the time of writing, Wade’s single update had generated more interest, comment and connection than most people have received in total over years of LinkedIn interactions.

(Now 5.000 comments and counting!)

It’s a shame he’d left LinkedIn – and wasn’t there to see it! He didn’t even reply to people supporting his decision!

So what did Wade finally do that was so different?

I tried to explain in my own response.

I love a bit of irony. Here is an update moaning about lack of meaningful connection. The result? Almost 4,000 people making meaningful connections about LinkedIn not offering meaningful connections. 😉 The answer is right under your nose!

In a matter of seconds after posting my opinion – I had connected with Chris (a marketer with a Mohican) who had also spotted the irony and error of Wade’s ways.

We had already made a simple personal connection (without obligation) by adding value to a conversation that mattered to both of us.

We all have a choice.

What matters most?

  • You can evaluate every interaction by asking ‘what’s in it for me?’
  • You can deliver strategies.
  • You can implement tactics.
  • You can measure and obsess about results. And
  • You can become easy-to-ignore faceless anonymous versions of everyone else.

Or we can be human. And add value in the moment.

  • You can stand out.
  • You can hold attention.
  • You can earn influence, and
  • You can build trust.

As we’ve can seen, even a devout self-interested communicator like Wade can do it!

Sustainable success for Wade is within tantalising reach!

If only he knew!

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