You’ll Never Guess What

What makes a newsworthy story?

And how do you save yourself time and energy selling in dull news, so that you can focus your energies on the good ones instead?

Here’s a quick trick that helps me.
Before you send anything, imagine you’re the journalist about to receive your news release.

Prefix the headline of your news with the words: ‘you’ll never guess what ..’ and honestly appraise how it sounds.

Here’s an example:

‘You’ll never guess what .. our business has just been awarded a health and safety certificate’ somehow doesn’t have quite the same impact as: ‘You’ll never guess what .. we’ve just won a new contract that will create 200 new jobs.’

If it sounds a bit dull it probably is. But if the news matches its big billing, then maybe .. just maybe .. you have a news story worth sharing.

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